Lewis Art Consulting

Woman owned and Denver based, Lewis Art Consulting is a full service art consulting firm. Our team of dedicated art consultants and project managers are here to guide you through the art selection process, ensuring a fun and collaborative experience from start to finish. Using thoughtful design and intentional installation, we help you create the space that truly reflects your unique vision.

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At Lewis Art Consulting, we use our passion for art and knowledge of design to bring your space to life in unique, creative ways. Art is a powerful mode of expression; integral to design and place-making. Tell a story, create an experience, express your culture; with art the opportunities are truly endless.

Art is Essential

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Why Art?

Art transforms spaces from a static place to a dynamic experience.


Engage with your clients, stimulate your employees, and show off your unique brand and culture. Beyond aesthetics, research shows that art is beneficial in so many ways including:

  • Increasing productivity

  • Reducing stress

  • Boosting creativity

  • Promoting diversity

  • Supporting employee well-being

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  • Encouraging dialogue

  • Showing company values

  • Expressing company culture

  • Connecting with the community

  • Enhancing communication