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At Lewis Art Consulting we are dedicated to providing art that enhances every space in unique, creative ways. Barbara Lewis, founder of Lewis Art Consulting, uses her passion for art to create a collaborative experience and partnership in every project she does.

Lewis Art Consulting’s team of dedicated art and design experts collaborate to make the process of finding, creating and designing art for your space a truly unique and engaging process resulting in a space that reflects your company, style and feel that is uniquely yours.

Art is Essential


Art transforms spaces from a static place to a dynamic experience. It creates engagement from employees and clients. It fosters creative thinking. Art enables your business to express itself and tell its story.


Art in the workplace is a win-win activity. Art enhances a company’s image while creating a stimulating and inspiring environment for employees and clients. Art has been proven to help: reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance loyalty, and encourage dialogue and respect for diversity.


Art has become a fundamental, rather than ornamental, aspect of hotel design. Art becomes a part of a hotel’s identity by integrating the architecture, design, concept, and aura of the hotel. Hoteliers are embracing art in unexpected ways that challenge guests to be more engaged with their stay experience. 


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